Elycia (elycia) wrote in astin_daily,

"Forever Strong" promotional video

Here's another promo video for Forever Strong. The director and a couple of the actors talk in particular about how much fun Sean Astin was to work with and what an awesome guy he is, and there's a clip of one of his scenes. Be warned: this video is MAJORLY spoilerific.

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October 2 2008, 15:09:36 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  October 2 2008, 15:10:12 UTC

It's so cool to hear Sean's co-workers praising him. It sounded like he had a good time while he was working on the movie!
It certainly seems that he was at once highly professional and yet not at all "stuffy," so to speak. That must be a hard balance to strike sometimes. For my part, I'll bet Sean and "Big Budah" had a blast pestering one another between takes. :-)
So Sean's a "superstar" now - yay!!
Well, *we* certainly think he is! :-) But he's definitely the biggest name in this particular crowd of actors, unless you give undue weight to Penn Badgley's rabid fangirls. :D