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Forever Strong screenings and squeeage

Okay, folks, I am getting seriously psyched about this movie. I think it's going to be a lot of fun, and Sean looks utterly lovely in the preview clips. I can hardly wait until the 26th! But some of you could be lucky enough to see it before then, because there's screenings in a few select cities. Sandy, UT and Provo, UT both have shows TONIGHT. It will screen on the 22nd of this month in Boise, ID; Portland, OR; Mesa, AZ; Tacoma, WA; and Foothill Ranch and Escondido, CA. For more info if you live anywhere near any of those cities, go to the movie's screening site.

I grabbed the production stills and behind-the-scenes shots with Sean in them off the site (they're scattered all the heck over the place, most in the "Press" section, for which you have to register. They're under the cut. The one with Sean doing a Haka? ooooo. :-) Click on the previews for bigger pics if you want.

Production stills:

Sean as Marcus (had to screencap this one):

Sean as Marcus and Sean Faris as Rick:


Director Ryan Little, Sean Astin, and Sean Faris

Sean Astin and consultant Coach Gelwix

Sean Astin practices Haka with John Kepa Kruse

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Eeee, high res! *faints*

Thank you for posting!!
You're quite welcome! We have to have SOME way to reminisce about the Hair That Was, don't you know. ;-)
Waaahhhh - Sean is doing a Haka ... cool!
Thank you for the pics, they are great.
The intense concentration on his face in the Haka pic does funky things to my hormones, seriously. :-) Glad you liked 'em!
Ooh, nice! Thank you so much, Elycia.
You're very welcome! I can't WAIT for this movie!!!!
Ooh, nice! Thank you!
You're quite welcome! I assure you that I had fun searching 'em out! :-)
He is so fine on those. Thank you for posting. :)
He is indeed fine--to me, at all times, but especially here. :-) (I love your username, btw!)
Aye. That reminds me that I should watch a movie of him tonight. :)

(I love your username, btw!)

Oh, thank you.
Goodness, I love that first photo! Makes me wanna squeeze him so tight :D

Thank you