5:29 am, Sep 01, 2008 - An Interview with Sean at Dragon*Con

This is a short but fun interview that's buried deep enough on the website that it probably won't turn up on anybody's automatic alerts. Enjoy!
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1:37 pm, Aug 02, 2008 - Encino Man screen caps.

Even though it's been forever since I've done a picture spam, I thought I could do one...featuring one of my favorite comedies. There'll be a lot of pictures, so watch out, it's not going to dial-up friendly.

I hope you're going to enjoy them as much as I do. Feel free to look under the cut if you're interested. And I'd like to thank very mucho the photo gallery of SANET. It'd not have been possible without them.

Where The Stone Age Meets The Rock AgeCollapse )

Dave, Stoney and Link are the...perfect threesome.

P.S.: Unfortunately, since I'm at the town library, I have to go back home. I'm going to try my best to be connected again soon for replying all your future comments...if I ever get some from you guys.

X-posted at my Journal on Wednesday, July 30th.

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10:10 pm, Feb 24, 2007 - For Sean's birthday...

...I made icons. 36 in all.

001 002 003

36 random Sean icons here.

Comments are welcome and credit is awesome. :)

X-posted elsewhere
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1:46 pm, Nov 20, 2006 - Ring*Con press conference pics

I posted all my pics that I took at the Ring*Con press conference in my LJ.

Two samples:

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5:05 pm, Sep 29, 2006

Our heart's love is actually doing a con. Wonder where they got the scratch to hire him? OH WHO CARES.


Who's coming with me?




C'mon peeps. Seanfen, repreSENT. Then, like, if he's not there much we'll go to Disney.
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10:58 am, Sep 12, 2006 - Harrison Bergeron!

Screencaps of Sean in Harrison Bergeron, available here. 137 images. No spoilers of the ending.

A few more previews & link to the zip file behind hereCollapse )
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9:33 am, Aug 18, 2006 - Get Motivated!

Here is some motivation courtesy of Sean, Sam and Mister Smith! These posters were created using a web site found by the lovely gallifreygal.

Get Motivated!
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6:38 pm, Aug 17, 2006 - Be sitting down for this one....

First, imagine that isn't a microphone. Next, imagine that it belongs to Elijah.Collapse )
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6:59 pm, Aug 14, 2006 - ELF pictures

I have a bejillion (OK, somewhere between 60 and 450, depending on what I decide is worth posting) Sean pictures from ELF 2006. I know Rakshi is working hard to put them up on SANet! *waves* but I will have hi-res versions too. Though my redeye remover isn't the greatest, is anyone interested in me posting the hi-res versions of the pictures here?

I would post them one at a time or maybe just a few at a time. They are between 500-1750 pixels wide. (I have 2000-3000 pixels wide originals, but they're a little fuzzy at that size. The ones I'd post here are cropped and sharpened.)

Please let me know your opinion in the comments!

Sample hi-res image so you can make an informed decision. Bring bandwidth!Collapse )
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2:08 pm, Jul 06, 2006 - Please join with other Sean fans....

.. in sending a get well card, email, or ecard to:

Those who would like to send e-mails can do so at twilson@appliedart.com or or send cards to:
Tony Wilson
Applied Art & Technology
2430 106th St.
Des Moines, Iowa 50322.

Mr. Wilson was hurt in the horrible helicopter crash that happened as they were filming a parade scene for Sean's movie 'The Final Season'.

From here....

Wilson suffered a broken back, broken leg, multiple broken ribs and a collapsed lung, a news release said. He remains on a ventilator in University of Iowa Hospitals.

His doctors are cautiously optimistic and said complications are possible.

As a member of Sean's fandom, I'd really like to see my fellow Sean fans send Mr. Wilson an email, ecard, or a card, wishing him well as he recovers from this horrid crash. How 'bout it, gang?

And please.. pimp this to others in your own LJ's. I'd really appreciate it.

And just so I'm legal... here's a picture of Sean, in Astoria, sitting in Mikey's window.Collapse )

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5:21 pm, Jun 25, 2006 - Free for the taking.

Sean Slipstream icons!Collapse )
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4:06 pm, Mar 24, 2006 - ELF 2005

If anyone's interested you can go to my LJ.

Many thank you from my heart, pipinatuc who took the video. She gave me permission to post the clip on my site. XD

Link at my LJ
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10:19 am, Feb 25, 2006 - 35 Icons :)

Happy birthday to Sean! And to celebrate, I posted icons to my journal.


The rest can be found here. Share and enjoy!

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3:40 pm, Feb 25, 2006


I will be celebrating you tonight in my own lil way!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
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1:26 pm, Feb 22, 2006 - Video clips from last Monday's '24'!

Some pretty intense clips of Sean as Lynn McGill on last Monday's '24'. Please know that these clips DO constitute spoilers!

Right click to download. Please don't hotlink.

Clip 1 - Hour 9 - WMV - 6 MB
Clip 2 - Hour 9 - WMV - 13 MB
Clip 3 - Hour 9 - WMV - 15 MB

Clip 1 - Hour 9 - MPG - 7 MB
Clip 2 - Hour 9 - MPG - 14 MB
Clip 3 - Hour 9 - MPG - 16 MB


And just so I'm legal!Collapse )

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3:46 am, Jan 31, 2006 - 24 - Day 5, Hour 6

The newest hour with Lynn McGill. 31 caps of Sean, usable with credit. Enjoy! :)

three sample images & file link behind hereCollapse )
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3:31 am, Jan 24, 2006 - 24: Day 5, Hour 5 Screencaps

More of Lynn McGill. Share and enjoy! :)

Previews & linksCollapse )
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2:11 am, Jan 17, 2006 - Sean on 24!

34 images of Lynn McGill, suitable for whatever purpose. Credit for use is, as always, appreciated. :)

I think after watching this, I've fallen for Sean all over again. ::dies::

previews & links...Collapse )

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5:45 pm, Jan 15, 2006 - Slipstream Screencaps

92 screencaps from Sean's movie, Slipstream. I'm sorry they aren't really big, but they should be just dandy for making icons. :)

3 more images & YSI linkCollapse )

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9:25 am, Jan 14, 2006

I have begun a project to cap all three Lord of the Rings films! I have 60 sets of caps done so far. That's 1200 screen caps for you to look at, save if you wish, and or use in icons, animations, or layouts.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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