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Sean at LA Comedy Shorts, 7 March 09

With a thousand thanks to padabee for finding these gems, I present several pictures from the LA Comedy Shorts panel ("Famous People Talking About Sh*t") in which Sean participated on 7 March at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. (Most of the pics also feature his fellow participants). Does he look FANTASTIC or what? (He also looks like he's having a total blast, which pleases me greatly.)

Sean wants YOU to look under the cut! (Not dial-up friendly!)

"Tryin' hard to look like Gary Cooper..."

Mindy Sterling, Regina King, Laraine Newman, Sean Astin, and Aisha Tyler

Gary Anthony Williams, Aisha Tyler (front), Jeannie Roshar, Mindy Sterling, Regina King, Laraine Newman, Sean, Aisha Tyler, and somebody I should probably recognize but don't. Anybody know?

Okay, yeah, he's nine years old, but we love him anyway. :D

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