Elycia (elycia) wrote in astin_daily,

Another "Forever Strong" still

Here's one more production still from Forever Strong. I saw it Sunday, and I absolutely loved it; I would recommend it to anyone, slight hokey-ness notwithstanding. I mean, how often do you go to a movie the credits of which include such titles as "Inflatable Crowd Wrangler"? (And do we EVEN want to know what sort of practical experience such a person would list on his/her resume?)

In all seriousness, though, I thought it was a fabulous picture, and Sean's performance is delightful. I'm more than half tempted to go see it again. I've been surprised and more than a little disappointed at how little promotion it has gotten; the local paper didn't even include it with their listing of "new this week" movies, and that's HIGHLY unusual. I have to wonder whether the promoters even submitted it for review.

The photo below might be an itty-bitty bit spoilery, especially if you're the type of person who avoids even preview trailers. Sean is pictured with his movie wife and daughter (who appear only briefly in the film), and I just LOVE seeing how good he is with this little girl. Children seem so at ease with him.

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