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Sean sighting: "Demoted" filming

Sorry if this is trite, folks, but it just fractures me. (I can't figure out from the poster's info where the school in question is, sadly.)


There are trailers and tents all over our parking lot, taking up half of the student parking. They're filming at the baseball fields behind the school.
Apparently the movie is called "Demoted", and it stars the guy who played Sean Astin (Rudy, The Lord of the Rings) and David Cross (Arrested Development). All of the nerdy kids are flipping out because they saw Samwise Gamgee in the parking lot.

And in a comment farther down:

A friend of a friend is supposedly going to be an extra.
gets paid $100 to shoot paintballs at sean astin.

Thought #1: Now THAT'S what I call a temp job!
Thought #2: I hope he's wearing some sort of padding. Paintballs HURT. (And leave bruises.)
Thought #3: And this fits into the plot of the movie as I understand it HOW, exactly? :D
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