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"Forever Strong" behind the scenes videos

I have downloaded a four-part "Behind the Scenes" video from the Forever Strong press site and put them on Megaupload for those of you who have bandwidth, patience, or both. (Sean doesn't have a *lot* of screen time, but he's adorable in his jacket and tie, and his observations on rugby being a brutal sport are quite amusing. Also, the v. brief views of him cheering in the crowd at one of the rugby games are delicious. :-) (Biased? Me? NAAAAH.)

Here's what's available and how big the files are (all are in .mov format):

Forever Strong long preview trailer: 91.19 MB

Behind the Scenes, Part 1: 64.68 MB

Behind the Scenes, Part 2: 70.28 MB

Behind the Scenes, Part 3: 69.44 MB

Behind the Scenes, Part 4: 57.21 MB

Note to self: Make a Forever Strong icon already, you lazy twerp.
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